'अर्थपूर्ण जीवनाचा समाजात शोध' घेण्यासाठी २००६ साली डॉ. अभय आणि डॉ. राणी बंग यांनी तरुणांसाठी विकसित केलेली शिक्षणप्रक्रिया म्हणजे 'निर्माण'...

समाजात सकारात्मक बदल घडवून आणण्यासाठी विविध समस्यांचे आव्हान स्वीकारणा-या व त्याद्वारे स्वत:च्या आयुष्याचा अर्थ शोधू इच्छिणा-या युवा प्रयोगवीरांचा हा समुदाय...

'मी व माझे' याच्या संकुचित सीमा ओलांडून,त्यापलीकडील वास्तवाला आपल्या कवेत घेण्यासाठी स्वत:च्या बुद्धीच्या,मनाच्या व कर्तृत्वाच्या कक्षा विस्तारणा-या निर्माणींच्या प्रयत्नांचे संकलन म्हणजे "सीमोल्लंघन"!

गेल्या तीन महिन्यातील निर्माणींच्या धडपडींचे थोडक्यात पण नेमके वृत्त आपल्यासाठी घेऊन येतील अमोल amolsd07[at]gmail[dot]com आणि सतीश गिरसावळे girsawale.sg[at]gmail[dot]com व सीमोल्लंघन टीम!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Vaibhav Dahiphale joins CM Fellowship

Vaibhav Dahiphale, NIRMAN 5, studied engineering from Pune. He has been selected for Chief Minister Fellowship Programme, Government of Maharashtra. Let us get some glimpses of his work…

About Chief Minister Fellowship
CM Fellowship is an initiative by Govt. of Maharashtra to allow young professionals to participate closely in government administration at the same time, utilizing their enthusiasm, innovative ideas, and creativity for the betterment of administration. Fellows are selected through 3 stages – online exam, essay test, and interview. Usually, 50 fellows are selected for an 11-month duration and are posted at higher levels of government, attached to principle secretaries or collector or MDs of various departments/ministries.
I choose to join the fellowship because of 2 reasons – first, I thought this opportunity as a dress rehearsal for my ambition i.e. UPSC – civil services. It will not only allow me to work closely with the government but also it will check my administrative acumen and personality in due progress. Second, it was indeed a good opportunity, becoming a fellow under CM fellowship program; the job profile was also attractive.
             I am currently working with the additional chief secretary of planning department on the project named as ‘Action to Reduce Poverty’. It is a joint initiative between Maharashtra Government and UN which is aimed at reducing poverty by providing livelihood opportunities in the selected 25 most backward blocks (Tehsils) spread across 12 districts. This is done to improve Human Development Index (HDI) in those blocks in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.
My work is to study backward blocks and identify problems/sites of easy intervention and different technologies and interventions. Then suggest an appropriate intervention to the concerned authority. I will work as catalyst or facilitator for its implementation in bureaucratic machinery.
            I am well aware of patience one needs while dealing with the government. But I have also seen top IAS, IPS officers and ministers especially Chief Minister and Finance Minister working round the clock, tirelessly. I am learning new things.

Vaibhav Dahiphale, NIRMAN 5

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