'अर्थपूर्ण जीवनाचा समाजात शोध' घेण्यासाठी २००६ साली डॉ. अभय आणि डॉ. राणी बंग यांनी तरुणांसाठी विकसित केलेली शिक्षणप्रक्रिया म्हणजे 'निर्माण'...

समाजात सकारात्मक बदल घडवून आणण्यासाठी विविध समस्यांचे आव्हान स्वीकारणा-या व त्याद्वारे स्वत:च्या आयुष्याचा अर्थ शोधू इच्छिणा-या युवा प्रयोगवीरांचा हा समुदाय...

'मी व माझे' याच्या संकुचित सीमा ओलांडून,त्यापलीकडील वास्तवाला आपल्या कवेत घेण्यासाठी स्वत:च्या बुद्धीच्या,मनाच्या व कर्तृत्वाच्या कक्षा विस्तारणा-या निर्माणींच्या प्रयत्नांचे संकलन म्हणजे "सीमोल्लंघन"!

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Jayashree joined Barefoot Rise Fellowship

Jayashree Kulkarni (NIRMAN 7) from Mumbai has started working at Shiksha Niketan School, Tilonia in Rajasthan as a Barefoot Rise Fellow. She has previously work with Vayam organization Jawahar as a Kar ke Dekho Fellow, where she mainly worked on the project “Bin Buka, Ya Shika”. Let’s read about her decision…
About my decision:
            For last one year, I was working at ‘Vayam’ in Palghar through the support of NIRMAN’s ‘Kar Ke Dekho’ fellowship. I was working mainly on a project named ‘Bin Buka ya Shika’ based on informal educational methods and tribal culture for children. After working for one year I wanted to know more about how children learn? How can I understand their needs? How can I see things from their perspective? What should be my role, considering my nature? How should I gain the necessary skills for it?  With these questions in mind, I applied for barefoot rise fellowship and got selected.
About the fellowship programme:
            The Barefoot Rise fellowship is an immersive 12-month experience which helps in achieving educational equity by providing an opportunity for youngsters to work as full-time teachers at Shiksha Niketan, a school run by the barefoot college. Each fellow is assigned a set of classrooms and has the responsibility to teach academics, values, mindset, access, and exposure they need to reach their personal long-term visions.
My work responsibilities:
 My focus area is environment education and my responsibilities include -
1. Teaching Environment education
2. Working with local teachers and other key stakeholders of the organization
3. Creating innovative teaching-learning aids
4. Classroom management
5. Behavior management
6. Imbibing intrinsic values in order to create a safe learning space for kids which enable kids to share and explore their thoughts and ideas.
Looking forward:
            In the upcoming years, I wish to learn more about children’s education and its various aspects. I will be working closely with the people who are working in this field and learn from them.
A beautiful thought I would like to share:
Kids deserve an excited adult. They need someone who is ready to explore and laugh with them. Someone who is looking for those magic moments, full of high fives coming down the line with energy radiating all around. Our kids have far more issues to deal with at home than many of us realize. School is their safety net, safe place, their one true home. Kids need the best you! Step out and be your best every single day! Kids deserve it!!
(Ref: ‘Kids deserve it’ by Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney )

Jayashree Kulkarni (NIRMAN 7)


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