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समाजात सकारात्मक बदल घडवून आणण्यासाठी विविध समस्यांचे आव्हान स्वीकारणा-या व त्याद्वारे स्वत:च्या आयुष्याचा अर्थ शोधू इच्छिणा-या युवा प्रयोगवीरांचा हा समुदाय...

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Monday, 14 January 2019

Sagar Bendre joins Seva Mandir

Sagar Bendre (NIRMAN 7) from Pune district has recently joined Seva Mandir, an organization in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Sagar has studied electrical engineering and holds a keen interest in green energy and appropriate technology. He is telling us about the program and his decision…

“Last year I worked with BAIF in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on renewable energy application. My perspective regarding appropriate technology broadened in the course of fellowship. I realized that the development of appropriate technology is as important as financial inclusion or social mobilization for that technology. In the present scenario, each stage is isolated from each other. Let’s see an example of solar product market - there are hundreds of manufacturers and long marking chain working in this sector; innovation is also magnificent. But the question is does that reach to the last person who needs it the most?
In the search of right place to work I ended up in an organization Seva Mandir in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Seva Mandir has been working in the diverse themes like building a village institution, natural resource management, youth program, education and health, etc. from last 51 years. My work is with ‘Udaipur Urja’ initiative which is a community-owned social enterprise incubated by Seva Mandir from 2014. ‘Udaipur Urja’ is developing a unique ecosystem to reach the last mile and connect communities to technology & market-based solution. The primary focus of the initiative is livelihood generation, environment protection and women empowerment. Specifically, ‘Udaipur Urja’ is now working in rural villages to build an ecosystem of improved cook stove and solar product dissemination. The carbon crediting is been used in cook stove project.
I am working with 71 women entrepreneurs covering nearly 12,500 households of 157 villages of Kherwara block. My primary role is block level management of cook stove monitoring, solar business and agriculture procurement centre. Along with this, I am also designing a solar pump social business model, customized solar solutions to the electrified households, and decentralized solar & cook stove repair centres.
The block, I am working in, is primarily populated by the tribal community who are small and marginal farmers. Households are scattered over hilly terrain. Agriculture is the only hope of livelihood. So migration is very prevalent; caste & gender discrimination, economic inequality seems to be major barriers.
It is an enriching experience to learn & explore the different perspectives regarding technology use for a positive social change at the grassroots level.”
Best wishes to Sagar for his future endeavour!

Sagar Bendre, NIRMAN 7

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